Open House Tips for Sellers Who Want to Host the Perfect Showing

March 27, 2023

Open House Tips for Sellers Who Want to Host the Perfect Showing

As a prospective home seller, you have likely considered the idea of hosting an open house for your property. Open houses can be an excellent way to market your home, as well as glean more information from potential buyers as to what they love, what needs improvement, and how the listing price lands. There are several key elements involved in the open house process, and these top open house tips for sellers will help you get your home into prime condition, show off your property in the most attractive light, and tantalize buyers.

Getting the Basics Down

The term open house refers to a property for sale that is open to buyers to view at a scheduled time. The seller agrees to open their home at a scheduled time, on a scheduled day, so potential buyers can tour the place, ask questions, and determine if they would like to make an offer.

The points in this Open House 101 will give you all the basic information you need to get ready for a successful open house. From who should host one to how to market your event effectively, this overview will make you an open house expert.

Who Should Host an Open House?

While an excellent tool for some sellers, open houses are not for everyone. How do you know if you are a good candidate for hosting an open house? Consider your property and your area’s market climate. If your home is located in one of the nation’s most competitive markets, like San Francisco, you will likely benefit from this opportunity. With more buyers than available properties, you are in a prime position to generate buzz and attract a bevy of interested parties.

Likewise, if your home boasts unique features or style, an open house can bring buyers in droves. Perhaps your property is located in a highly walkable spot or has a different design than every other house on the block. Maybe you have an original Victorian stunner in a sea of sleek condominiums. The more special and in-demand the property, the more enticing and lucrative an open house can be to buyers.

When to Host an Open House?

Open houses usually last anywhere from one to three hours and, in some cases, can take up an entire morning or even a full day, so when you choose to host one is critical. The goal of an open house is to attract potential buyers, which means those buyers need to be able to show up, and with most office jobs, errands, and childcare taking up weekdays, there is an obvious answer. The ideal time to host an open house is on the weekend when more people are available. And realtors agree – 75% of agents recommend hosting an open house on Sundays.

How to Host an Open House?

Hosting the perfect open house involves several steps. From marketing and staging to scheduling and cleaning, the more information you have beforehand, the better. In fact, you may even want to check out the competition. If other homes in your neighborhood are hosting open houses, stop in for a visit and take a look at how the seller staged the place. Consider the renovations and upgrades they made and listen for buyers’ reactions – you may gain some insight regarding your own home.

Compile a property description sheet for your home and have plenty of copies for your agent to hand out at the event. This marketing tool lists the home price, square footage, taxes, and more. It includes photos, special features, and the school district information all in one convenient report for buyers to refer to later.

How to Market an Open House?

One of the top tips for a successful open house is to work with an agent. The benefits of working with a reputable real estate agent for both buying and selling property have been widely touted by professionals and clients alike. Your agent will walk you through each important step of preparing for an open house. From unparalleled local expertise to sharp negotiation skills, real estate agents can significantly improve your selling experience.

One way they prove they’re worth their weight in gold? Marketing. Agents have access to the multiple listing service, or MLS, and can get your listing, along with all the details of your open house, in front of thousands of potential buyers. Getting eyes on your property can mean the difference between a quick, lucrative deal and a home that languishes on the market. Experienced agents also have a network of professional contacts and resources. They can reach out to fellow realtors with a hot tip about a brand-new property hitting the market.

Spruce Up Your Home

What do you need to do to prepare for an open house? Should you stage your property? Is curb appeal a real concern or just a hot buzzword? Your agent will be an excellent resource for navigating the specifics, but there are a few key ingredients that always improve an open house.


Before you even send out notices for your open house, take a weekend to declutter and organize your entire house. Buyers are understandably curious, and they will open cabinets and closets in an effort to investigate your home’s potential as their family’s next haven. Get ahead of the game by storing away any personal items or valuables. Weed through every closet and cabinet and box up anything you will not need for the next few weeks. Once you have reduced the number of items, organize everything. Tidy up toys, find a hidden spot for pet supplies, and make sure the house is in order.


This is arguably the most important aspect of selling a home. Your open house will be infinitely more successful if you scrub your property until it sparkles. Buying is an aspirational experience, and buyers want to envision their family’s future in these rooms. If your house shines like a five-star hotel, you’ll impress buyers and likely increase your sale price.

Highlight the Best Features of Your Home

Staging is the act of creating a blank canvas in your home to attract buyers. Decluttering and cleaning are part of this process, as are slight changes like rearranging furniture for optimal flow and to show off each room’s purpose. This can be especially helpful if you have an oddly-shaped room or a space that buyers may not know how to use. In terms of an open house, staging may also include extra niceties, like serving refreshments. Some sellers and agents choose to offer drinks and pastries or even hors d'oeuvres and cocktails.

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